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internal medicine | the role of your primary care veterinarian


SurgerySurgeryThe surgery section specializes in the surgical management of complicated orthopedic, soft tissue, and neurosurgical diseases. Orthopedic surgeries include total hip replacement, complex fracture restoration, and cruciate ligament repair. Soft tissue surgeries include those involving cardiothoracic, gastrointestinal, and urogenital problems. Repair of neurosurgical problems, such as herniated disks, are also offer by the surgery section.


The ophthalmology section specializes in diseases and surgery of all animalsí eyes. This includes reconstructive surgery of the orbit and eyelids, corneal surgery including transplants,  glaucoma laser and filtration  surgery, Opthamology cataract surgery with artificial lens implantation, and vitreo-retinal surgery. Advanced imaging and electrodiagnostic procedures are also available.




The radiology section is concerned with utilizing the latest imaging techniques to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult medical and surgical conditions. Color-flow Doppler ultrasonography and ultrasound guided biopsy are often utilized to aid the other specialists in the hospital. Difficult radiographs are given to the radiologist for interpretation.


The dermatology service focuses on allergic and non-allergic skin disease. These diseases include endocrine and autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, cutaneous manifestations of systemic disease, and chronic recurrent ear infections. The services offered by the dermatology section include intradermal skin testing, allergy immunotherapy, and the management of chronic diseases of the paw, nailbed, and ears.


Internal Medicine:

The internal medicine section offers a wide range of technologically advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology, urology, pulmonary diseases, hematology, and infectious disease. Advanced procedures include video endoscopy, abdominal ultrasonography, color-flow Doppler echocardiography, and chemotherapy.


The role of your primary care veterinarian:

Carolina Veterinary Specialists accepts new clients only by referral from your family veterinarian. Your veterinarian knows your petís medical history and we rely on he or she to detect the conditions that require advanced specialty care. In order to provide the best course of treatment, we need to work closely with your family veterinarian to optimally manage your petís care. After your initial visit to the hospital, we contact your veterinarian by telephone and provide them with a detailed written report.


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